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What We Do

AmberJack provides business entities with the best actionable data to target, verify and research prospects. Deep dive into your subject’s right-party contact information.

AmberJack delivers the best data to sharpen your competitive edge and due diligence intelligence. Our aggregated records allow you to deep dive into your subject’s contact information. Our extensive network of data providers and resources ensures you get access to the best right-party data at the best price – all in one place. The level of access and robust services we bring to the market are unparalleled as we continue to expand.

We Service ALL Business Entities

From corporations to partnerships to limited liability companies, if you operate a business entity AmberJack can help with your due diligence intelligence needs. Listed below are just a few examples of industries we serve and the specific use cases for each. Guaranteed, as a qualified business entity, AmberJack can help you too!

Real Estate

Real estate investors and agents use AmberJack to look up prospective properties, verify properties, locate owners, increase personal safety and avoid scams. Identify potential sellers, absentee owners, tax delinquencies, foreclosures and more.


AmberJack makes it easy to stay in touch with your alumni base. Get up-to-date alumni contact information, employment, assets and more. This data is incredibly useful when identifying donors and updating databases.


Target your audience with a laser focus through AmberJack. Identify leads and communicate with customers with data by industry, location, age, education and so much more.


Easily identify recruiting prospects for multiple industries and positions through AmberJack. Gain access to current and historical employment data, education status, contact information and more.

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Who We Are

AmberJack's extensive network of data providers and resources ensures you get access to the best right-party data at the best priceall in one place.

Founded by executives with more than 70 years of combined data experience, our extensive professional network and resources ensure you get access to the best and most-accurate right-party data. The level of access and robust services we bring to the market are unparalleled as we continue to expand.

We have a culture of excellence and emphasize customer service at all levels. We are here to help you find the data results you need in the easiest, fastest way possible in order to keep your business on the cutting-edge. We also place emphasis on continuously advancing. Our engineers are always developing new searches, reports and services to assist our clients. You are our priority.

we're flexible

AmberJack works where you work. Data access is available on your computer, your laptop, your tablet and your phone — all without downloading an app or learning a different platform. We know you’re on the move and never impose restrictions on your access.

You're in the driver's seat with AmberJack and it's advanced drag and drop feature and customizable results layouts. Take any criteria point from a result set and simply drag and drop it with other criteria points to craft your next search. You can also rearrange your search results to better organize the layout to your specific needs.

AmberJack Devices

Our Searches

Comprehensive data with extensive searches, reports and services. The best right-party contact information right at your fingertips.

AmberJack gives you access to more than 25 individual searches and reports to find the information you need. Each search fits under six main categories: People, Assets, Businesses, Courts, Licenses, and Phones. Coverage for our information stretches across 50 states and all US territories. Within AmberJack, each search and report displays a coverage map detailing the information provided. All search and report results are saved for seven days and are exportable as a PDF, Word Document, or Excel Spreadsheet.

Person Profile

Includes Advanced Person, Census, Divorce, ID Verification, Marriage, Relative, Social Media, Standard Person, and Workplace Searches.


Includes Business Search, Domain Search and UCC Filing Search.


Includes DEA Controlled Substance Search and Professional License Search.


Includes Bankruptcy, Criminal & Traffic Records, Eviction, Foreclosure, Judgment, Liens, Sexual Offender, Want & Warrants Searches.


Includes Reverse Phone Search.


Includes Property Search.


Includes Watchdog Services and Batch Services for Phones & Addresses.


Includes Comprehensive Report, Criminal & Traffic Report, Debt Report, and OFAC Report.

Our powerful Watchdog Service gives you eyes and ears across the entire United States. For a low monthly fee, you can monitor an individual’s criminal behavior 24/7 and receive an alert when they are booked or arrested. The Watchdog Service has real-time tracking to ensure you get the results you need when you need them. The Watchdog Service reaches 93% of the US population and 45 states. Watchdog gives you the advantage of automated searching that allows you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.

AmberJack Searches

Numbers to help your Bottom Line!


Person & Address Records


Email Records


Phone Records

Batch Processing

Efficient, effective, inexpensive. Let AmberJack do the heavy lifting for you. Our batch service saves you time and money.

Instead of taking hours or days to search for data on each subject, batch processing returns your complete data set within just a couple of hours. Simply customize your template and upload your .csv file containing your search criteria directly in the web application, or via our secure file transfer protocol (FTP) process. There’s no need to run each search individually. Batch processing is the most effective way to search that helps your bottom line. Get time back in your day to focus on money-making tasks instead of money-taking tasks. It’s fast, easy and worry-free!

Single Address

Refined batch type designed to populate the most-recent street address with first and last seen dates.

Multiple Address

Designed to provide a deeper dive into the address history by providing up to 10 addresses with first and last seen dates.

Single Phone

Refined batch type designed to populate the most-recent phone number with phone type. (landline or cellular)

Multiple Phone

Deeper dive into the phone history by providing up to the top three phone numbers including phone type (landline and cellular) for each.


Flag-oriented batch type indicating deceased status.


Right-party contact batch type designed to provide up to two email addresses.

Single Address/Multiple Phone

Combination batch type that provides the current address, including first and last seen dates and up to the top three phone numbers, and phone type (landline or cellular) for each.

AmberJack Batching



Unmatched Data - Unrivaled Pricing - Unlimited Possibilities

Whether you are a part-time investor, fully staffed marketing firm, a daily skip tracing enterprise, or a business entity with a need for data, at AmberJack we understand that timely, actionable, and best-in-class data should be both available and affordable. Guided by this principle, we offer the most flexible and customizable pricing solutions in the industry. These options include à la carte transactional and subscription-driven discounts, volume-centric batching*, and API Integrations. If your specific need falls outside of the options listed below, please give us a call to discuss a customized solution.


  • Standard Pricing
  • Full Search Catalog
  • –––
  • No Monthly Fee
$0 /mo


  • 10% Off Standard Pricing
  • Full Search Catalog
  • –––
  • $25 Monthly Fee
$25 /mo


  • 20% Off Standard Pricing
  • Full Search Catalog
  • –––
  • $50 Monthly Fee
$50 /mo


  • 30% Off Standard Pricing Best Deal
  • Full Search Catalog
  • API Access New
  • $99 Monthly Fee
$99 /mo

Volume and custom pricing is available through our sales staff. System to system access via our API gateway is available as well.
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*Batching subject to minimum record count and prepayment.

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